Description: ALPHASOFT SG5 is an enzyme-based cake softening system for use in chemically leavened sweet good systems. Examples include, but are not limited to, high ratio layer cakes, muffins, pound cakes, and snack cakes.
Use Level: 0.5% BAKERS or 0.05-0.15% TRUE
Application: Clean Label / Cakes / Softners

Description: CakeZyme Smart D1 is an enzyme system that enables manufactures to enhance product quality, extend the shelf life and optimize overall manufacturing cost of cakes.

Description: SOFT POWER P-CDA is a balanced enzyme anti-staling system that extends the shelf-life of chemically leavened products OR yeast raised products.
Use Level: 2 to 4 oz (0.125 to 0.25%)
Application: Breads & Buns / Cakes / Tortillas & Flatbreads / Sweets, Pastries, Pies / English Muffins

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