Over 45 years of hard work and shared family knowledge

Cain Food Industries, Inc., is a leading supplier of ingredients to the wholesale and retail baking industries for 45 years. Founders Ernie and Billie Cain established the company’s legacy of quality products and superior customer service, and those values still drive us today. Now in its third generation of family ownership the Cain Food’s partnership is derived from multiple generations of baking industry professionals who take pride in being your preferred supplier of technical and functional ingredients.

We are a leader in clean label ingredients.

We produce a wide range of products that will give you the edge needed in today’s competitive markets. Our QC lab and in house test bakery will assist you formulating custom products that will help reduce labor and bowls costs. Proven technology that works in either tablet or powder forms. We are the leader in tableted micro-dose ingredients. This ensure’s you are using and paying for what you need. No waste, saves packaging and better for the environment.

  • Oxidizing / Reducing Agents

  • Clean Label / Bromate Replacement

  • Emulsifiers & Softeners

  • Mold Inhibitors / Anti-Staling Agents

  • Dough Conditioners & Specialty Products

Diversity & difference are our guiding principles.


We specialize in functional ingredients & custom blends
backed by technical service & innovation.