Our Natural Mold Inihibitor

AlphaFresh is a natural mold inhibitor derived from
cultured wheat suited for products which have an extended
shelf life. This product is formulated for use in all fresh,
par-baked and frozen bakery applications

Functional Properties

Because of a unique manufacturing process, AlphaFresh will inhibit the growth of
surface molds and yeasts on bakery products. Depending on the formulation, processing
and bake, AlphaFresh, can replace other mold inhibitors such as calcium propionate
and provide a cleaner label on finished goods. This product contains wheat. It is also
manufactured in a facility that contains soy products. AlphaFresh is proven to provide
superior results to traditional options previously used by bakers. Contact your local sales
technician for more information or to set up a sample for testing in your bakery today.


1%-2% based
on flour weight.


50 lb


Multi-wall paper
bag with a
polyethylene liner

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