Cain Food Industries, Inc. Has Been A Leading Supplier To The Baking Industry For 45 Years

Our goals today remain as they did when Ernie Cain first opened the doors… First class customer service, product innovation, and the highest quality products for our customers. We are leading the way in enzyme-based dough conditioning systems to deliver the market what the market is asking for.

We Invite You and Your Team Members to Come to Our New Center in Dallas to Work With Our Team and Learn More About What We Do!

New Innovation Center

Because our top priorities are our customers, product innovation, and quality products, we invested in a new 1,800 square-foot innovation center that opened in July 2016. The new innovation center gives our team of bakery and food scientists an excellent environment to develop new products as they see the industry move and work directly with our customers to create solutions to their needs. We have invested in new equipment in the center that allows us to run any type of grain-based food product. Our new lab mixers were designed to identify the parameters required for optimal kneading while taking into account the specific conditions of the user. Initially designed for bakers, millers, and training the test bench SPI-LAB gives us the perfect tool to analyze raw materials, perform comparative tests to improve the quality of recipes, and additionally conductors to optimize the parameters of the recipe for extrapolation to an industrial setting. Along with the state of the art mixers, we have invested in two new ovens in a texture analyzing system.

Quality Assurance Lab

Supporting our product line is our Quality Assurance lab. At Cain Food Industries Inc. we take the added measure of testing or raw materials and finished products throughout the manufacturing process. Our comprehensive in-house testing ensures our products continue to meet the highest safety and quality standards with the highest level of uniformity and performance. Our quality lab utilizes an assortment of specialized instrumentation that helps us obtain accurate data and rapid results.

We specialize in functional ingredients & custom blends
backed by technical service & innovation.